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*Portrait courtesy of Larry Nordwick, Creative Images Photography


An innovative leader, creative thinker, and passionate arts advocate, Karen Crews Hendon has over fifteen years of museum experience and applied art education. Working with artists, boards, community leaders, non-profit foundations, and the public, her experience includes a wide spectrum of projects that have increased attendance and interactive participation, engaged new audiences through programs that appeal to cross-cultural demographics, revitalized institutional awareness with exhibitions featuring leading-edge artists, and initiated partnerships that expanded robust operational resources for the benefit of the community.  


Committed to inspiring community collaboration through the arts, she believes art is a universal and primal language that transforms lives and ignites ideas and imagination. Hendon supports cultural inclusiveness and inspires people to connect with one another on a global scale. She considers art organizations to be change agents, to be vibrant social and creative hubs that may thrive as catalysts for social, economic, and artistic sustainability. Embracing the challenge that art is without borders and must be accessible beyond the confines of designated spaces, Hendon empowers creative communities, believing them to play vital roles for a balanced and restorative future.

Karen Crews Hendon currently serves as Senior Curator at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, Los Angeles, California.

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