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*Left to right, details from artworks by: Maximino Javier, Claire Morgan, Bunnie Reiss, Walter Oltmann, and Crystal Morey. The image details on this website are for educational and informational purposes only to illustrate my research and to bring awareness to these artists and support their work. For more information, read about them in my writings, through their galleries, or on their websites.

Curatorial Overview 

My research interests bridge contemporary global art and cultural anthropology. I examine the art of my time, its complexity, and how it generates cross-cultural connections from an ancient past to inform our future.  


Themes In Focus

The artists and themes of my focus create imagery that transgress boundaries, alter systems, and initiate experiential spaces to shift perception. Much of the artwork is narrative and symbolic that renegotiates ideas of rationalism, marginality, and hybrid identity that impact artistic and social fusion beyond linguistic borders.


Using fables, myths, and allegories, the artists in focus visually capture the sublime, evoke transformation, reconstruct alternative holy grounds, embrace duality, confront disillusion, and elucidate corrosion that point to growth, awareness, and balance.  

The concepts that often emerge demonstrate worlds of coexistence that would normally be irreconcilable based on our current pragmatic realities due to cultural disempowerment, artistic displacement, and gender exclusion—old paradigm structures that are giving way to rising cultural congruency and equality, a heightened presence in the realm of contemporary art today.


The media produced within the scope of my investigations are diverse and incorporate painting, photography, sculpture, installation, mixed media, and time-based technologies that mix film, performance, or post-ritual documentary.  

Subjects In Focus

Magical Realism in Visual Art
Archetypes and the Role of the Nagual in Contemporary Art
Altered Perception and Installation Art
Sacred Rebels—Art and Neo-shamanism
Animism and the Tree of Life
Duality, Hybridity, and Soul Identity
Light, Shadow, and the Energetic Matrix
Epiphany and Ephemerality

Codes of Communication 

​​Artists In Focus 

Drawing and Painting

Andrea Kowch (America), Julie Heffernan (America), Maximino Javier (Mexico) Humberto Batista (Mexico) Juan Alcázar (Mexico), Bunnie Reiss (America), Theodora Allen (America), Kevin Peterson (America), Martin Wittfooth (America), Fred Tomaselli (America), Aron Wiesenfeld (America), Luisa Mesa (Cuba), Pema Rinzin (Tibet), Regina Pilawuk Wilson (Australia), Yigal Ozeri (Israel), Pancho Quilici (Venezuela), Gabriel Tamaya (United Kingdom), Walter Oltmann (South Africa), Nicola Verlato (Italy), Ruben Fuentes (Cuba), Maria Tomasula (America), Travis Bedel (America), Monica Rohan (Australia), Patricia Watwood (America), Erik Thor Sandberg (America), Casey Cripe (America), Rithika Merchant (India)


Sculpture and Installation

Pipilotti Rist (Switzerland), Gabriel Dawe (Mexico), Berndnaut Smilde (Netherlands), Olafur Eliasson (Denmark), Rebecca Louise Law (England), El Anatsui (Africa), Mihoko Ogaki (Japan), Claire Morgan (Ireland), Chiharu Shiota (Japan), Kumi Yamashita (Japan), Walter Oltmann (South Africa), Kate McGuire (England),Lena Yarinkura (South Central Arnham Land), Romain Langlois (France), Sophie Ryder (England), Patrick Shearn Poetic Kinetics (America), Arthur Ganson (America), Yayoi Kusama (Japan), Motoi Yamamoto (Japan), Walter Oltmann (South Africa), Carston Holler (Belgium), Crystal Morey (America)



Tim Sullivan (America) Loretta Lux (German), Nadia Maria (Brazil), Anka Zhuravleva (Russia), Gregory Crewdson (America), Charles Pétillon (France), Flor Garduño, (Mexico), Jacqui Stockdale (Australia), Richard Learoyd (United Kingdom), Justine Tjallinks (Netherlands)


Performance and Ritual

Nick Cave (America), Carlee Fernandez (America), Nandipha Mntambo (South Africa)



Yusuke Asai (Japan), Victor Ekpuk (Nigeria), Hua Tunan (China), Katie Ann Gilmore (America), Andrew Schoultz (America)

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