In Process:

Andrew Schoultz 

Andrew Schoultz is a San Francisco-based artist who creates monumental public wall murals, paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media installations. He generates a high-energy impact with an overpopulation of meticulous renderings and controversial themes that resonate with cataclysmic force. Schoultz’s imagery is furious and fantastical yet deeply rooted with American historical symbols and contemporary metaphors that create a vortex of political and environmental commentary. His influences merge 15th century German map making and 14th-15th century Persian miniature paintings, juxtaposed with highly-stylized graffiti and street art.

Andrew Schoultz created a site-specific installation and mural on the walls of the Jane and Justin Dart Gallery at the Museum’s La Mirada location, based upon the local histories of Monterey, and present his wildly gilded Fall Out installation in the McCone Gallery.

In Process was an exhibition series that focuses on current work by this contemporary artist. Each installment in the series featured 10-25 works and included ephemeral, site-specific installations. In Process charted the most current developments in the field of contemporary art by championing the work of emerging and mid-career artists.